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Anthony McCune is one of America's Most Experienced Resume Writing Specialists having personally written in excess of 15,000 Professional Resumes. Resumasters writes "Traditional" Chronological and Functional Resumes as well as anyone; and better than most. This statment is based on a LONG-TERM RECORD OF SUCCESS. No Client who has ever accepted the advice they have been given in regard to resume needs and content has ever had a complaint.

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"The McCune Method" of Resume Writing has been developed to most effectively address the needs of 2 distinct audiences:

  • Job Applicants seeking the largest number and best quality job offers

  • Employers seeking the best applicant to fulfill their specific needs

    Prior to "The McCune Method" there were Functional Resumes, Chronological Resumes and Hybrids. This is the first approach that has incorporated a Modular System which allows you to tailor every potential employer contact without writing a different resume each time.

    It is recognized that any major societal change requires years to take hold; and there will be job seekers visiting this site who will not be able to accept a non-traditional approach. The one thing that HAS been proven is employers, regardless of industry, embrace "The McCune Method." This technique was developed FOR employers.

    Job Seekers visiting Resumasters should keep in mind that Functional and Chronological Resumes are available through this service. So far no resume writing specialist in America has come forward or been found with experience matching Tony McCune's... and the success Tony has achieved is based on use of "The McCune Method." So it's natural that this is the type of product that is featured and promoted.

    The foundations on which Tony McCune's Resume Writing Method have been built are as follows.....

  • "Present Candidate Information Honestly; and in a Straight Forward Fashion

  • Ensure a Resume Structure that is Attractive and Easily Scannable; Information Pertinent to "Qualifications" is Readily Available; and Details are Fairly Represented

  • Understand ALL information related to Education, Work Experience and Personal Background DOES NOT Have to be Presented Prior to a Personal Interview. Employers devote 5 to 12 Seconds to Make the Initial Decision on Interviewing or Rejecting an Applicant. WHY provide everything you have... it's never going to get looked at in 5 to 12 seconds.

  • Use of a Modular Resume Package Allows Each Resume Presented to be Tailored to the Situation-at-Hand. Appropriate Information is Presented to Win Interview Opportunities and Additional Material is Presented During Personal Meetings.

  • Resume Content that is ILLUSTRATED...NOT HIGHLIGHTED...will Affect How Interviews Are Conducted. A Detailed Resume Provides More Information For The Employer and Leaves Less Questions to be Asked. This Allows More Opportunity to "Interview" the Potential Employer.

    Resumasters clients receive the most personalized service possible. And all company products are individualized...nothing produced is generic. A potential client's objectives and background are thoroughly examined and a recommendation is made how to achieve the largest number of interviews and best quality offers based on the individual's situation at that given time.

    If a client is unable or unwilling to accept certain advice or spend a certain amount of money... PLEASE KEEP IN MIND the recommendation/price quote you receive is NOT YOUR ONLY OPTION. It will be the best option based on your background and objectives. Whatever your "objection" may be...another "compromise" recommendation can be offered addressing your specific concerns or objections.

    Clients making a decision of what company or services to use based on price may want to look at Resumasters Economy Services. This price-based service offers 1 page resumes priced from $35 to $85 with a standard introductary letter costing $25. Resumasters Expert Service Packages Range in Price from $150 to More Than $500.

    Tony McCune has Developed Unique Job Search Tools, such as the "Detailed Summary of Qualifications", that Incorporate the Best Aspects of Chronological and Functional Resumes. While a "McCune Method" Resume Package may incorporate 3 or 5 or even, based on a specific client's individual needs, 7 pages --- NO MORE THAN 2 RESUME PAGES and a Cover Letter Are Ever Presented At One Time.

    Let Us Make This Process As Easy As Possible For You...FAX US Your Existing Resume and Cover Letter...or Send A MICROSOFT WORD 6.0 Document as an E Mail Attachment. We'll Show You How to Most Effectively Present YOUR SPECIFIC INFORMATION.

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    It's Crucial to Remember That Achieving Quality Job Search Results is a Two-Step Process. First You Must Win Quality Interviews and Secondly You Must Receive Offers to Consider. Whatever Resume You Use is going to be a SALES TOOL and You Are Going To Be The Product That's Sold. The Success You Achieve in Your Specific Job Search WILL BE Affected by:

  • The Type and Amount of Advice You Accept Regarding How Your Personal Information Should be Presented to Potential Employers

  • The Strategy Used for Targeting and Distributing Your Resume

  • Time and Effort Dedicated to Your Job Search in a Conscientious, Ongoing Fashion

  • Tools Used and Time Dedicated to Follow-Up Activities

    Resumasters EXISTS to make a difference in the lives of individuals in regard to their employment...and to make it as easy as possible for companies to hire the best possible employees to address their specific needs. The more open minded a client is to accept advice and willing to work cooperatively to produce the highest quality product(s) directly effect the end result achieved. We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals...and having you refer your family, friends and associates.

    Please KEEP IN MIND...once you get your desired job Come Back to Us to Have Your Resume Updated. And keep it up-to-date as you get new responsibilities, have additional education or have anything substanative change in your life. The better you do at keeping it up to date the less you will always pay for service...and the more you'll be able to positively impact your future.

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