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Frequently Asked Questions - 251.9 K

Q... How Important Is Having An UP-TO-DATE Resume On Hand?

A... The best job available regardless of the field you work in will always require some type of resume.

Keeping an up-to-date resume on hand is one of the best things any person can do and should do. YOU and most people you know will need a resume at least one more time...if not more.

Don't wait until a recruiter calls you with a great job that you are interested in checking out; even when you are NOT LOOKING for a job. Don't wait until your supposedly secure position is GONE WITHOUT WARNING. Don't be an unprepared victim of downsizing.

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Q... Why Use A Professional Resume Service?

A... The Average Newspaper Ad receives an Average of 100 Resumes; Employers decide in 5 to 12 seconds whether or not to give an applicant an interview based on their resume.

Studies prove you are five times more likely to win an interview with a professionally written resume.

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Q... How Will Another Person Do A Better Job Of Writing My Resume Than I Will Do Myself?

A... Another person will have a better perspective to look at your situation, objectives and background.

Our writers prepare a resume tailored specifically to your needs using knowledge of what employers want to see.

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Q... Isn't A Person Who Actually Hires The Best One To Write A Resume?

A... No. You must keep in mind that most people write their own resume. People who hire develop opinions, preferences and prejudices based on the resumes that come across their desk. Most of the resumes employers see are not done effectively.

The best one to write a resume is a writer with extensive background specializing in resume preparation; Tony McCune at Resumasters, Inc. is one of America's most experienced resume writing specialists.

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Q... What Makes TONY McCUNE RESUMES Special?

A... Tony was a writer before he ever started in the resume business.

Tony has used his 8 years of newspaper writing background with experience writing more than 15,000 professional resumes to develop a unique approach to resume writing, "The McCune Method".

This method of resume preparation is designed to specifically address the needs of employers by attractively, honestly and fairly presenting the background of applicants.

Associates working at Resumasters are thoroughly trained to most effectively service clients and to produce the best possible product in each case.

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Q... How Do You Know Your Resumes Are So Successful?

A... Feedback from numerous clients who are happy to refer their family, friends and associates. Having clients achieve a high percentage of positive responses to their resume including numerous job offers.

Calls from employers requesting information on potential applicants due to their happiness with personnel they had already hired who had McCune resumes.

Writing specialized cover letters with resumes that have been successful in assisting clients to secure employment when they have been relocating to points throughout the United States from Maryland to Hawaii.

Clients have also been able to apply for and secure specific positions they desired in specific companies using McCune resumes.

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Q... What Will I Have To Pay To Have A Resume Written By TONY McCUNE Or One Of His Associates?

A... The Majority Of Expert Service Packages Range In Price From $150 to $400.

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Q... What Kind Of Clients Do You Work With?

A... Our clients range from one end of the spectrum to the other. We've worked with Fortune 100 CEO's to Unemployed Students to Physicians to Sales Professionals who have been successful in securing the job they want.

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Q... Do You Place People In Positions With Companies?

A... We are not a placement firm. We can provide a full range of job search assistance services, but can not contact an employer as your agent.

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Q... How Can I Use Your Service When You're Located In Northeast, Ohio?

A... Services are completed worldwide through use of phone, e-mail, fax and snail-mail as needed.

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Q... How Can I Pay For The Service?

A... We currently accept Checks and Credit Cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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