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We recognize that the best written resume is not going to be as successful as possible in producing quality job offers if it is not effectively distributed. The old saying applies, "Plan your work and work your plan." Resumasters offers a full range of Job Search Assistance Services; everything short of contacting employers as your agent. We are not a personnel placement agency and do not directly contact employers in behalf of clients for a placement fee.

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World Class Job Search Assistance Services include:

  • Listing Your Professional Profile in TALENT...FOR HIRE.

      This Page has Proven Successful in Assisting Candidates Secure The Position They Desired. We Expect Greater Success as We Make More Companies Aware of Our New, Upgraded Site.

  • Development of a Job Search Strategy Created to Specifically Address Your Needs

      Based on Your Background and Objectives, Education is Provided Regarding Sources of Information You Should Use, Activities to Perform, Timeframes to Incorporate and Strategic Activities to Perform in Various Situations.

  • Job Lead Research

      We can do the "Leg Work" necessary to Identify Companies and Specific Individuals You Should Contact as well as Open Positions You Should Apply For. Research, again, is Conducted Based on Your Specific Objectives.

  • Mailing and FAX Services

      If You Don't Have the Time to Get Your Resume To Employers...
      WE DO!

  • Interview Preparation

      We can Educate You as needed from Pre-Interview Preparation to the Actual Interview Process to Effective Followup. Depending on your Needs and Desires, we can also do Mock Interviews including Telephone and Sit Down Sessions.

  • 30-Day and 3-Month Job Search Activity Reviews

      If You're Not Getting the Interviews You Think You Should It's Better to Find Out Why Sooner Than Later. We Can Suggest Alterations or Additions to Incorporate Into Your Job Search. Service is Available for Resumasters Clients...and People Writing Their Own Resume.

  • Preparation of Custom Written Follow-Up Letters

      Follow Up is Essential to Quality Results. Calls are Good...a Card is Better ...and a Customized Letter is Best. Based On the Degree of Personalization, and How Soon After the Interview The Letter is Written, Prices Range from $45 to $85 Per Letter. Purchase a Package of Letters IN ADVANCE, in Quantities of 5 or 10, and You Pay Less For Each Than the Minimum for 1 Letter.

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