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While for many positions it's considered a requirement, a college degree is no guarantee of quality employment. Generic resumes from on campus career centers, disks with pre-structured formats or help from professors, friends or relatives (including Human Resources Professionals) are not going to generate the highest quality results. To get the greatest return from the investment you have made in a college degree you should work with a service specializing in resume that has a long-term track record of success. Opportunity is on and become part of the Resumasters Success Story!

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DON'T Use a Resume That's a...


Wondering about the "worth" of spending money to have a resume written by a professional service? How much are you spending for 1 credit hour toward your degree? Is it worth spending that much to have multiple job offers to choose from...for internships or post-graduate employment?

Have a relative or family friend working in Human Resources that wants to help you with your resume? It's not the best idea. Why? Human Resources Professionals develop knowledge, preferences and predjudices about resumes based on what comes across their desk. Most people write their own resumes, badly, so the knowledge/advice given by Human Resources Pros is based on looking at bad resumes. The "best" resume in a group of bad ones doesn't make it "good".

The "traditional" Chronological and Functional Resumes of the past do not most effectively address the needs of job seekers today. State-of-the-Art Resumes incorporate "The McCune Method"'s Modular System which has been embraced by employers and proven successful for job seekers. Why? When you arrive at the interview...the employer is already interested in HIRING you; NOT FINDING OUT MORE about you.

Let's find out how we can help you...

Recommendations regarding specific products you should use, and supplemental services that will enhance your results, will be based on your background, your current situation and the objectives that are going to make you happiest to achieve. You will pay less for whatever services you use due to a Student/Recent Graduate Discount...and the more advice you accept the better "deal" you will get.

If you haven't done so yet, you are encouraged to visit the Frequently Asked Questions, Client Comments, Expert Resume Writing Services and Economy Services Pages.

Have an existing resume? Be sure to visit CONTACT RESUMASTERS...and send it to us as an e mail attachment, in a Word 6.0 format, or FAX IT.

Once you get your new not let your resume become outdated. As you receive increasingly responsible assignments and perform new tasks...update your resume. Add new accomplishments on an ongoing basis. Keep your list of continuing education current.

More than ever it is critical today to keep an up-to-date resume on hand. From coast to coast, industry leaders one day are bought out the next... companies are "right sizing" which means quality employees are unexpectedly unemployed.

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