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Anthony McCune's resume writing expertise attracts top quality employment candidates. This has led to offering a menu of Employer Services related to hiring and outplacement that have been proven successful over 5+ years.

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The guiding force in Tony McCune's resume industry success has been to tailor services provided for every client as much as possible...and that same approach is taken in regard to Resumasters' EMPLOYER SERVICES. As more individuals, small businesses and major corporations come online every day, and increase their use of the World Wide Web, Resumasters seeks to expand and improve the services we provide for these diverse audiences. The goal is to allow individuals and companies to do everything they do now in identifying employment candidates, finding job opportunities and in the end getting the best people to do the jobs at at hand...BETTER than it has ever been done before! And at the same time offer new ways to achieve higher quality results.


      Through more than a dozen years and 15,000 resumes it has been demonstrated that employers embrance Tony's McCune's resume writing techniques and are happy to see the job seekers utilizing McCune resumes.

      Correspondingly, over time these "McCune Method" resumes have evolved with feedback from successful clients and input from employers. Consistently striving to produce the best possible resumes for clients...and to make it as easy as possible for companies to identify best possible candidates Resumasters is undertaking this Employer Survey.

      Anyone involved in evaluating resumes, interviewing candidates and hiring, regardless of the size of your company or the industry you are involved in is encouraged to participate.

      Survey results will be utilized to make any possible upgrades in Resumasters products, introduce new services that are indicated and educate job seekers to ensure they are providing desired information in the most efficient manner.

      The survey will be available for your completion beginning in Mid May, 1998. If you would like to be notified when the survey begins visit CONTACT RESUMASTERS and send us an e mail message... or leave a message with our Administrative Office.


      Every Day more and more job seekers are going to their computer screens instead of their newspaper pages to seek job opportunities. Beginning next week Resumasters wil begin carrying HELP WANTED ADS. For a one time fee of $25 you can advertise a position, in an ad of at or about 20 lines, that will remain online Until You Fill the Position OR for Up To 3 Months. Order are being accepted now...see CONTACT RESUMASTERS.

  • TALENT...for Hire

      Employment Candidates Pay to have their qualifications profile listed in this page. Employers can review the postings, contact the candidates and HIRE WITH NO EMPLOYMENT FEE. Employer Contacts are Submitted to Resumasters and Directed to Clients... So the More Information You Can Provide About the Position(s) You May Offer That Specific Candidate Increase Efficiency in Having Candidates Respond.

      Look for new TALENT...for Hire listings coming this week!

  • PROMOTIONAL RESUMES for Your Business and Key Personnel

      Leave no doubt in your corporate culture that only the best will be accepted in regard to applications for promotion. The majority of individuals seeking better positions with their current employer write their own resumes...and do a poor job of it. In most cases, especially in larger companies, "the powers that be" know what employers are "supposed to be doing"...but not necessarily what an individual actually DOES. Working with an "outsider" to look at your specific situation will lead directly to a job seeker having a document that fairly and accurately represents their qualifications, experience and accomplishments.

      Companies, large and small, are benefited by having promotional resumes prepared for a variety of uses. Major companies with huge promotion departments in too many cases are unable to produce a resume type document that fairly represents the business. Small business are strongly encouraged to pursue use of this service.


      Has your business been "absorbed" by another company? Are you in the midst of "re-engineering" or "right sizing"? There are a variety of reasons for use of Outplacement Services. Outplacement no longer means use of one static type of service. If you desire to have an On Site or Off Site Outplacement Center set up and operated...or want to provide a standard package of services for departing employees a packages of services can be provided to address your needs at a budget that works for your business.

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