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Client Information Submission Form - 251.9 K

Completion and Submission of This Form DOES NOT Indicate Any Obligation to Order Expert or Economy Resume Writing Services.

This Form is provided for potential clients to submit their personal information so they may receive an "informed" evaluation of their specific resume related needs at this given time.

Whether a potential client has an existing resume or not.. it is advised, although not required, that this form be completed to ensure comprehensive background information is provided.

Based on review of this form and any existing resume... recommendations regarding resume needs will be provided at no charge. A related price quote, with a designated expiration date, will also be provided as requested.

Your Personal Information

Have You Ever Used a Professional Resume Writing Service Before? YesNo

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How Many Jobs Have You Had Since You Last Updated Your Resume?

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Work Experience

Please List Positions Held For Up To the Last 10 years. Include Paid And Unpaid Positions. If You Need More Space Than Is Available, Please E-mail Us The Additional Details.

Employer Name:

Company Location:

Position You Held:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Major Accomplishments:

Dates you Worked Here: From: Month YearTo: MonthYear

Why Are You Seeking a New Position?

Employer Name:

Company Location:

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Duties and Responsiblities:

Major Accomplishments:

Dates you Worked Here: From: month YearTo: MonthYear

Reason for Leaving This Position?

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Major Accomplishments?:

Dates You Worked here: From: Month YearTo: MonthYear

Reason for Leaving?


Please Mark Highest Level of Education Completed:

Some High School High School or GED Associate Degree Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctorate

Please List the Schools You Have Attended. List Type of Degrees or Certificates Awarded, Your Major Course of Study,and Date of Graduation.

Please List All job Related Training Courses and the Dates You Completed Them.

More about you!

Please Provide Specific Information on Equipment You Opertate such as Office Machines, Computer Programs, Manufacturing Equipment or Heavy Equipment. Please be specific.

Please List Any Civic, Volunteer, or Community Organizations You Are Involved In.

Are you Bilingual or Multilingual? YesNo

If yes, which languages do you speak?

Are you Willing to Relocate? YesNo

If Yes, what Areas Are Most Desirable?

Is There Any Additional Information That Would be Helpful in Preparing Your Documents?

What Job Search Assistance Services Might You Have Interest In...If You Receive a Discounted Price With Resume Preparation?

Creation of a Customized Job Search Strategy

Evaluate the Job Search Activities You've Done So Far

Having Job Lead Research Done For You

Posting Your Qualifications on the Internet

Interview Preparation

Post-Interview Follow Up

We Look Forward to Assisting You in Achieving Your Goals.