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This service is being offered to ensure all job seekers have access to resumes by Anthony McCune; one of America's most experienced and successful resume writing specialists. The same level of care is given to products offered through this service as clients receive who utilize premiere services costing $300 and more.

Economy Services - 251.9 K

"Qualifications Brief" $35.00

    The "Qualifications Brief" is a Non-Detailed History of Education and Employment History. This document is primarily useful for graduating high school students or individuals with limited work experience.

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  • "Professional Profile" $55.00

      The "Professional Profile" Provide Additional Highlights of Experience Not Included in the "Qualifications Brief". This document is meant for college students, individuals leaving the military after limited service or those who have worked in companies where they had similar job responsibilities and no promotions.

    More information - 11.7 K

  • "Detailed 1 Page Resume" $75.00

      The "Detailed 1 Page Resume" Provides the Highest Degree of Detail in a 1 Page Document that is Aesthetically Attractive and Easily Scannable. This document works for college graduates, upper level enlisted personnel leaving the military and individuals whose employment record includes promotions.

    More information - 11.7 K

  • "Introductory Letter" $25.00

      The "Introductory Letter" sets a tone for your resume with the employer. Objectives, interview availability, travel and salary issues are addressed.

    More information - 11.7 K

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and contribute to accomplishing your job search goals. You are Encouraged to Pass Along Our Name and URL to your Family, Friends and Associates who are In The Market for Economy Services.

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